Why the Beta Brain Wave keeps you from being Limitless

The beta brain wave is present when we are most active. When we are listening to a lecture, talking with a friend, reading, or engaging with others our beta brain waves are most active. When we are using logic and analyzing life situations, we are using our beta brain waves. We can also associate the beta brain waves with our lower chakra’s which provide our survival instincts.

For many, when life gives us a hurtle, we begin to research our options. If we become ill, we find all we can about how to deal or heal the ailment. We seek advice, read medical journals, and investigate alternative remedies. While gathering information is a huge benefit to gaining knowledge we can get lost in the knowledge and suppress our inner wisdom. Knowledge is the result of learning from other people’s research and experiences, but this can pigeonhole us into only having access to already experienced possibilities.

Already experienced possibilities keep us from tapping into our inner wisdom and limitless possibilities. Knowledge keeps us in a self-perpetuating loop based off past experiences but when we tap into our inner wisdom, we can reach new, unfound possibilities, which is limitless. But in order to reach this state we must move out of the beta brain waves into higher brain waves such as the theta brain waves. Gamma is the highest brain waves we can achieve, and this is when all waves, beta, theta, delta, and alpha are all in sync. We can reach these higher states by meditation, prayer, or shamanic journeying which puts us into a trance state.

As we reach these trance brain waves our frequency rises and we tap into our intrinsic wisdom. Our wisdom has a divine knowing that can reach limitless possibilities. And as we reach these states, we will begin to receive downloads of information, have spiritual experiences and we can sometimes heal ourselves. Aligning with this can also spark our upper chakra’s into activation and create that ‘flow state’ often described by athletes when they can slow down time to make a basketball shot or tennis move.

By tapping into these higher waves our problem-solving skills move from being frantic into the art of contemplation. Our life obstacles and our daily stress can dissolve or be worked out in other realms giving you that sudden “A-Ha” moment. With this said, it doesn’t mean don’t research or gain knowledge, this simply means that after you finish researching allow your problem to fade away as you quiet your brain with meditation or moving into a trance state. Allow the gift of your inner wisdom and the art of contemplation to do the work for you.

It is our birthright to be sovereign, not a slave. We are taught to follow rules and seek authority over everything. The bind this creates in our 3D world keeps us in limitation and disconnected from Spirit. These limitations keep us sick, in poverty and locked in fear and despair. Tapping into our higher brain waves and activating our upper chakras move us into higher dimensional energy patterns that bring limitless possibilities and deeper Spiritual connection. This is liberating and this is claiming our sovereignty, giving us more will and the divine spark to create our reality. Take the time to be present, go within and tap into the wisdom far greater than anything any authority can ever give you. 

For more questions, please contact me at www.hollymariesoulcoachingl.com or holly@earthsonghealings.com.

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