COVID and Soul Loss

Imagine billions of soul pieces fleeing for safety out of fear and despair. Masses of soul fragments too confused from the lockdown, job loss, financial stress and depression to cling to the physical world. They flee to safer places, refuge and out of chaos but the soul stays anchored into the 3D physical body now frayed and broken. This is experience is very real and is referred to as Soul Loss in the Shamanic Healing Arts.  

COVID has caused worldwide soul loss on all levels of age, gender, race and religion. This global agenda of enslavement has battered many of us to breaking points. Suicide is up more than 25%, illicit drug use is up by 25% and alcohol use up by 67% (US only). Domestic violence has risen 20% and I didn’t have the heart to investigate child abuse. Aggression is rising in people who fear the virus as well as people who fear their rights being taken away. The mainstream media is spewing misinformation, like it or not, it does not add up to the CDC statistics. This is all psychologically penetrating the masses with deep fear.    Businesses and schools remaining closed or partially closed all add to the disruption of our lives. Also, covering our faces and social distancing have profound effects on inner trust and human connection. These are all signs of trauma on a global scale and can easily lead to soul loss.  

When soul loss occurs, someone can have an onset of personality changes, mood swings, feeling ‘out of it’ without being able to ground and experiencing that empty and unfillable “void.” It is not uncommon for depression to manifest and the need to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs. The “void” or emptiness that many people feel can often lead to impulse buying, emotional eating, sex addiction or other self-mutilating tendances. Some side effects of soul loss are less noticeable, like losing interest in your job or family and being addictively drawn into the screen (TV or social media). Doctors will refer to this as a mental or nervous disorder prescribing prescription pharmaceuticals that only mask the problem.  

When someone has a soul loss it also becomes an entry point for entity attachment. Our aura or bio-energy field around us is like a giant egg. When it becomes cracked or torn, negative energy influences, such as entities can sneak in and attach themselves to you making your problems worse. Or soul loss can cause our own energy to leak out leaving us feeling depleted and can eventually lead to illness. Soul loss can cloud our discernment and skew our ability to see the truth leaving us susceptible to negative programming or other people's agenda’s including manipulation, violation and deception because we are not energetically strong and balanced, but vulnerable.  

The good news is that this can all be fixed. Through a process called Soul Retrieval a facilitator or shaman can call these pieces back into the persons energy field and anchor the missing piece back home into their soul. This process is equitable to turning back the hands of time and reclaiming your power and can be done in person or remotely. Soul Retrieval can bring back soul pieces from this life and past lives too. When a piece of the soul is returned great healing can occur. When we begin to reclaim what was taken from us our timeline shifts into a more positive future. Bringing back these soul pieces fortifies our aura or bioenergy field strengthening our boundaries to deter negative energies. This process helps overcome deep rooted trauma of all kinds, whether it be sexual or physical abuse, illness, job loss, divorce or our current COVID situation.  

What symptoms are you feeling?  

Holly Marie

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